Our Aspirations

Schools of the past existed in a different world, predictable and constant. We now look forward to an uncertain future. Schools are no longer about buildings, books or grades. They’re about people. Education should inspire us to become better, to learn from our mistakes and empower those around us.

NIST’s aspirations and vision of education do not rely on models of the past, on the accumulation of knowledge or the memorization of facts. We see learning as a catalyst, a force that will inexorably bring about positive change, and help all cultures and nations find solutions to our common problems through innovation and passion. Our community believes NIST can be a model, a bright example of what diverse individuals can accomplish when they use learning to work together toward a common goal.


Our Commitment

Aspirations cannot be sustained through vision alone. They require dedication and creativity. NIST’s long-term aim is to serve the greater community by shaping these abstract aspirations into a reality.

Since its creation our school has vigorously pursued the finest leaders, teachers and resources to serve the community, all overseen by a not-for-profit foundation. Drawing on the expertise and passion of teachers, parents and students, NIST embraces change and improvement as vital to its mission.

We aspire to become a center of learning, one that offers opportunities to learners across Asia. From our World Languages Centre and Global Citizen Diploma to The Professional Learning Hub, NIST will continually develop enrichment programmes that bring educators, students and organizations together as learners and innovators.