Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission, vision and values represent a collaborative effort between our staff, parents and students, all of whom contributed to their development. We do not consider these to be abstract, but rather central to our learning and practice. From our overarching direction as a community to our individual actions, we use them to guide and ground us.


Our Mission

NIST inspires growth, empowers individual excellence and enriches lives.

Our Vision

NIST will provide individualized and authentic learning pathways for students to flourish and positively impact others.


Our Values

Every community shares common beliefs. In order to accomplish our mission, we adopt a shared set of values that tie us together, providing purpose, structure and inspiration.

NIST International School - Our Values


  • Integrity: We believe that individuals should be honest and principled. This includes being committed to our mission, and holding yourself and others accountable for choices.
  • Caring: We believe that compassion and empathy are central to learning. Combined with a commitment to reflection and balance, they contribute to our wellness.
  • Community: We believe in collaborating with others as part of a diverse community, helping us become open minded and globally aware in order to effect positive change.
  • Growth: We believe in a commitment to a growth mindset through active engagement and striving for excellence. Through this we become resilient, creative learners.

While these values are integrated into our academic and enrichment programmes for students, we also expect that all members of our community, including parents, act in accordance with them.