Experiential Education

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

– Oliver Wendell Homes, Jr.

Experiential Education is a holistic approach to learning where an individual is exposed to new activities, cultures, ideas, and environments. To harness full learning potential, experiential education utilizes reflection as a means for an individual to solidify their unique experience.

NIST X, NIST’S Experiential Education Programme, was launched in 2017 to enhance learning opportunities outside of the classroom at NIST through sequential and intentional learning experiences from Year 1-13 with thematic objectives and continuity across year levels in the form of school wide expeditions, field and service overnight and day trips.

In line with NIST vision, values, and mission we developed beliefs around experiential education.


Our Beliefs

We Believe….

trips should appropriately challenge and push students out of their comfort zone

nature should be experienced and appreciated and that students should have hands on learning experiences outside of an urban setting

skills and knowledge are built through self-discovery and real world context

students should be exposed to and engage with local cultures

in a caring community where students have time and space to build relationships and create meaningful connections within and outside NIST


Programme Themes

  • Personal Growth
    Inspire and empower students to actively engage in the development of self, identity, and to realise their full potential.
  • Community Building
    Explore understanding of community, and how they form and function, as well as develop awareness of communities they are part of, and the world at large as passionate and positive global citizens
  • Connection to Nature
    Provide opportunities to connect with nature, instil passion for the outdoors, care for our planet and its natural resources, as well as awareness of how our daily lives impact nature
  • Cultural Engagement
    Develop curiosity, empathy and explore the many local cultures of Thailand and Asia at large


Types of Trips

NIST CORE: Trips that are mandatory such as action week or curricular. NIST CORE trips are divided into expeditions and field trips.

  1. Xpeditions are the trips that are part of the NIST X curriculum and have a sequential and intentional learning experiences from Year 1-13 with thematic objectives and continuity across year levels.
  2. Field Trips are trips that have a strong connection to what students are learning in their classrooms. These trips are usually proposed by teachers.

NIST PLUS: Trips that give students opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, develop skills and explore the outdoors.

NIST SERVICE: Trips to support actions for the NIST Service groups.

SPORTS TRIPS: Trips organized by the sports department where students get the opportunity to engage in structured competition and collaboration with other schools around Bangkok and Southeast Asia.