Student Support

I believe that every person is born with a talent.

– Maya Angelou

Every learner is different. We all possess strengths and weaknesses that shape our experiences and perspectives. To address the uniqueness of each child at NIST, we maintain a strong support services programme that provides encouragement and guidance for those in need, as well as those with special gifts.

Student support specialists work collaboratively with teachers to optimize the teaching and learning process for students with learning differences. In this way, students with particular learning needs are supported in their pursuit of individual excellence. In addition to the English as a Second Language (EAL) Department, the Learning Support Centre and Exceptional Learners Support team offer students the opportunity to build skills and challenge themselves through learning enrichment. The approaches and support offered by student support teachers and academic assistants are differentiated based on age-appropriate strategies:


Primary Years Student Support Programme

  • Homeroom and student support teachers communicate and collaborate to support students through the learning process.
  • All students have clear learning goals documented in individual support plans.
  • A range of interventions are utilized to best support individual student learning needs.
  • Early intervention for 3 to 8-year-old students, when required, is highly valued.


Middle & Diploma Years Student Support Programme

  • Subject and Learning Support teachers share responsibilities to create an environment that supports the needs of all students
  • Student learning needs are supported by differentiated instruction, development of learning strategies and after-school support
  • Learning Support teachers communicate with parents, students and other faculty as well as outside agencies as needed
  • After-school Learning Support provides an opportunity for students to access support in all academic subjects
  • Students requiring additional support may be eligible to participate in an Integrated Studies course tailored to meet their needs.