As an IB World School, we believe that counselling students goes beyond academic and emotional support, and we aim to develop student achievement through incorporating leadership, advocacy, collaboration, equity and access to opportunities. We maintain a safe learning and working environment for all members of the school community, and ensure that students have someone to turn to if they need help. Our professionally licensed school counsellors are always available to address the individual needs of students through prevention and intervention programmes.


Our Aims

The NIST counselling team supports, facilitates and encourages student achievement by helping them:

  • Understand and develop a positive self image
  • Implement an effective decision-making process
  • Set individual, realistic, achievable goals
  • Develop effective study skills
  • Show respect and empathy for other cultures, traditions and individuals
  • Maintain healthy relationships with peers and adults
  • Resolve conflicts through communication
  • Increase awareness of the impact of their actions and enrich their community
  • Build resiliency in order to make transitions
  • Gain an understanding of a balanced life


Elementary Counselling Programme

NIST’s elementary counsellors provide a comprehensive counselling and guidance program that removes barriers to learning by attending to the personal, social, emotional and developmental needs of all students to ensure we have happy, healthy and successful students.

Services are provided through:

  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Individual and small group counselling
  • Consultation and collaboration with parents and teachers
  • Parent presentations and workshops
  • Referrals to other school support services or community resources
  • Student Support Team