Leaving NIST & Bangkok

As any expatriate child or adult will tell you, transition is part of life in the international community. Yet no matter how many times we move, somehow it is never easy to leave people and places we have grown to love. Here at NIST, we are always sad to see families leave our community and want to do all we can to make the transition a little bit easier from our side.

As part of the leaving process your child will be involved in formal and informal transition events which will support leaving students in celebrating their time at NIST and processing their move as they prepare for their next adventure. Support for a smooth transition away from NIST is always available and we encourage families to contact any NIST counsellors or other school staff who can help you in this process.

As with all departures there are formalities which need to be completed to ease the transition from one school to another. Below are the forms which NIST requires you to complete in order to process report cards, letters of attendance etc as well as finalise any financial matters relating to school fees. Please complete these forms and return them to the Admissions Department by hand, by fax or by scanned email admissions@nist.ac.th.

For transcripts, certificates and related documents, please complete the School Records Request located under Requests & Services in the NIST Parent Portal.

  1. Withdrawal Form
  2. Exit Questionnaire


Mid-Year Withdrawal

In some cases families must unfortunately leave prior to the end of the school year due to work relocation or other unforeseen circumstances. This may be a sensitive situation for children, and we fully support families by keeping the possibility of a move fully confidential. To assist in this process, you can review our mid-year withdrawal procedure.