Starting at NIST

Upon joining the NIST community, you may have many questions about resources, policies, procedures and other aspects of the school. In addition to the information below, we are committed to supporting your transition to Bangkok and the school, and we have a member of the admissions team specifically dedicated to help you with this. Please feel free to contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions that are not answered here.


Online Enrollment

Before your child(ren) starts school, we ask that you complete the online enrollment. This is a crucial step in preparing for your child(ren)’s first day of school. Once you have completed the online enrollment, you will be able to sign up for extra-curricular activities (ECAs) and parent-student-teacher conferences; access your child(ren)’s reports and grades; and order school lunch online.  The online enrollment process also allows you to update your contact information and also outlines and requires you to agree to our school policies.



When will I know my child’s schedule?

Students who join NIST in August are provided with a class schedule on the first day of school. Elementary students who join in January will receive it from their homeroom teachers. Secondary students who join in January must first select their language and arts classes, at which point they will receive their schedules.

The 10-Day Cycle

NIST is on a 10-day cycle. Each school day is lettered from A to J. NIST follows a published calendar for the 10-day cycle, which is included in this document and updated on the school’s website. The 10-day cycle was implemented to avoid the disruption caused by public holidays, which often fall on the same day of the week.

How can I connect with others in the NIST community?

We strongly believe that schools should be hubs for the community, places where you can connect and learn from others. Dozens of events are hosted each semester to allow you to meet administrators, teachers and other parents.

  • NIST Parent-Teacher Association (NIPTA): More than any other group, NIPTA provides a way for you as a parent to be involved in the NIST community and meet others who share your interests. In addition to hosting regular small events such as coffee mornings and luncheons, NIPTA also organizes major annual events such as Pinktober and Starry Nights, both of which generate funds that are directed toward charitable causes.
  • Cultural Groups: For parents who wish to connect with others who share their languages or backgrounds, cultural groups are an excellent way to network and become involved in many events both inside and outside the school.
  • Community Learning Hub seminars: These information and discussion sessions are organized throughout the year for both elementary and secondary parents. Topics range from positive parenting techniques to training sessions that provide guidance in accessing school information. Each Monday an e-newsletter is sent highlighting upcoming events, and most presentations are archived in the NIST Parent Portal in Veracross.

Where do I find information about the school and my child?

NIST uses several online systems to provide information for both parents and students. The main website provides an overview of the school and programmes. However, the most valuable resource for keeping up to date with our community, as well as information specific to your family, is the NIST Parent Portal in Veracross, a one-stop system for all school information. Every new parent will receive a welcome email with your Veracross login information, which will also be used for the NIST Catering Campus Online. Along the top of the portal, you will see numerous menu items that we encourage you to browse, as they contain additional information and resources:

  • My Children provides information specific to your child(ren), allowing you to check on attendance, grades and report cards.
  • Calendars shows you a household calendar tailored to your family, as well as others for sports and the school as a whole. The one-page calendar is a document that can be printed out as an easy reference for all school holidays.
  • Requests & Services lists links for ECA and NIST Music Academy signups, details about our Chelsea FC International Development Centre partners and other key services, including NIST Catering (where you can place meal orders).
  • Resources provides information about specific programmes and facilities within the school, as well as links to the handbooks.
  • Directories lists all staff members based on their departments and roles. You can also find information about key contacts, school leaders and school governors.
  • News breaks down the news feed on the landing page based on school sections.
  • Community provides details about the NIST Parent-Teacher Association, cultural groups, giving and getting involved with the school.
  • Systems allows you to change your password, read guides and, for high school parents, access our college counselling system.
Additionally, two key emails are sent each week: the Community Learning Hub Newsletter on the first day of the week and NIST News on the last day of the week. These respectively focus on seminars and events for parents, and general news and updates.


School Services

How do we get school identification cards?

We will use the photographs that you submitted during the online application process to create parent ID cards. In some cases we may ask for an additional photograph if the one that was submitted is not suitable. Please note that it is also important for us to have recent photos of each of your children so that our school database system is up to date. This is very important for security reasons.

The school provides one ID card per parent. If you would like to purchase additional cards for other family members or domestic staff/house help, you can do this by providing a photo at the reception desk at the school entrance. Additional cards are made for THB 300 each.

How do I purchase meals for my child?

NIST Catering provides multiple services at the school, operating the cafeteria and kiosks around campus.

Elementary Students

A semester meal plan can be purchased for elementary students, which includes both a morning snack and lunch. Students also have the option of bringing lunch from home. However, please note that equipment for heating lunches is not available at school. The annual costs for the meal plan for early years and elementary students can be found in the tuition fee structure. Payments can be made using cash, credit card (plus 1.5% surcharge) or cheque.

Elementary parents must order their child’s lunch using their Veracross user names and passwords. Meals may be ordered up to one month in advance. Full details of this process, as well as video and print guides, are available under Catering Services (under Requests & Services) in the NIST Parent Portal in Veracross. This will be accessible when you receive your login information.

Secondary Students

Secondary students do not buy a meal plan but instead register their finger prints (or purchase cards if you do not wish to use biometrics) and receive account payments using our kiosk payment machine. Students typically use an average of THB 100-120 per day for snacks and lunch.

How do I arrange transportation for my child?

For those families who choose to not use personal or public transportation, Montri Transportation Corporation offers private busing for the NIST community. This service includes multiple timings to accommodate students in extra-curricular activities and also provides monitors who will accompany students in early years and Year 1 to and from their classes. Parents who wish to sign up for the busing service should complete the bus service request form and send it to


Supplies & Technology

Does my child receive an iPad or MacBook?

Secondary school students are issued a MacBook Air during their first week of class. This laptop is to be used at school and taken home to complete assignments. All parents will receive additional information about insurance coverage early in the school year, and you may complete an opt-out form if you do not wish to have the insurance.

Elementary students will use school laptops and iPads only while in school and when it applies to their learning. School laptops and iPads cannot be taken home. Elementary students in Year 5 and Year 6 are required to read and sign the Acceptable Use Policy for Elementary and return the form to their homeroom teacher.

How do I purchase uniforms for my child?

The NIST Shop provides all school uniforms, as well as other NIST-related items. Depending on the number of sets of uniforms you wish to buy (1 or 3 complete uniform sets), please plan an allowance of approximately THB 5,000 per child. Payment can be made in cash or credit card (1.5% surcharge) only.

It is highly recommended that uniforms are bought before the first day of school. Should you be wish to purchase uniforms ahead of time, please contact our admissions staff at to make an appointment.

Which school supplies does my child need?

We provide basic stationery, including pens, pencils, paper, etc. However, students might find a pencil case useful, and they are required to bring a bag to school. From Year 1 upward, bags that can fit A4-size materials are appropriate. We also recommend sending a water bottle with your child. Water bottles can be filled up at the many water fountains around campus.

Teachers will provide information about any other supplies for each of their individual classes.

All secondary students have access to the use of a locker and must purchase a combination lock at the NIST Shop or bring their own. Elementary students do not use lockers.