Giving at NIST

NIST International School - Support Our Foundation

As a not-for-profit foundation school, NIST depends entirely upon tuition income to cover staffing, and curriculum and professional development costs. We are guided by the parent-elected NIST International School Foundation, ensuring that we remain responsible and principled in our stewardship. Community is thus one of our core values, and we rely on the compassion and goodwill of donors to strive for excellence in every area.

Funds raised in the NIST Giving Programme allow us to complete projects outside our budget. With the support of others who share our vision of a better world through education, we ensure that we can further develop an exceptional learning environment that fosters future leaders and inquirers who strive to make a positive difference in their communities.


Why Give?

Each of us believes in something. Whether a cause, a principle, a person or an organization, it compels us to look beyond ourselves and contribute to something greater. At NIST we are fortunate to have a powerful force that connects us: learning. Education makes an impact far beyond the walls of a school, and our students apply their learning to bring about positive change in their communities. From our service learning activities to projects like the the Maeramit Development Group and FairNIST Coffee to our many unique learning opportunities, we strive to create a community that not only benefits your children, but also others around the globe.



Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is our way of building for the future of NIST. By contributing to this fund, you ensure that generations of students will continue to enjoy the highest level of education and opportunities. Help us to build a secure future by contacting the Development Office today.


The NIST Education Fund in Commemoration of King Rama IX

The Education Fund in Commemoration of King Rama IX originated in a project launched by the NIST Microcredit Bank, a student-run service group. In addition to assisting the school’s support staff by encouraging new business ventures and promoting efficient debt management, it has provided education scholarships for their children since 2012. As you know, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej strongly believed in education as a tool to improve society. Therefore, the Education Fund run by NIST Microcredit Bank has formally become a permanent fund in memory of King Rama IX. Through continued support from the greater community, we hope that the fund will provide the children of support staff with the chance to receive the best possible education, from the early years to university levels.


The NIST EA Learning Enrichment Fund

A community thrives when the individuals within it are inspired and provided with the chance to grow in line with their interests and abilities. Through the EA Learning Enrichment Fund, NIST aims to be a school that empowers all learners to excel and positively impact others. Funded through a generous contribution by a NIST family, the EA Learning Enrichment Fund will enable our school to provide individualised support for each and every NIST student regardless of their unique needs. Through continued donations to the fund, our community hopes to provide ongoing support and enrichment opportunities that inspire students and empower them to impact others positively.