Creative Arts

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

– Henry David Thoreau

Creative arts ECAs at NIST provide opportunities for our students to explore their artistic interests beyond the classroom curriculum. The art ECAs allow students to be creative, to explore a variety of mediums and topics of interest, and to approach art through a charitable, community-based lens. Additionally, the after-school arts ECAs allow students who are not enrolled in art during the school day to stay connected to this form of personal expression. Essentially, art ECAs at NIST are all about creativity, expression, exploration and having fun!


Through working with caring and knowledgeable NIST teachers and parents, the students are guided as much or as little as needed through their selected art ECA experience. Some of the activities are more specific and guided directly by the sponsors, whereas other activities are more open-ended, with facilitation by the sponsors. Each art ECA is organised by the individual sponsors in regards to the required equipment, materials, time, meeting place and student requirements. Specifics for each ECA can be found in the ECA catalogue.


NIST students of all ages can choose from many art ECAs. If a student or a parent has an idea for a new art ECA, they are encouraged to share their ideas with the teachers to see if anyone is qualified and able to sponsor the new ECA for the following trimester. Not all ECAs are offered every trimester and space is somewhat limited, so we encourage you to review the ECA catalogue for availability, offerings by age level, and costs (many of the ECAs are free, though some have a minimal fee to cover the costs of materials and supplies).