Signing Up

To ensure that students are able to sign up for extra-curricular activities (ECAs) through a smooth, simple process, the registration is handled through the school’s student information system, Veracross. By accessing their individual accounts, our parents can select from a range of activities in the arts (music, drama and visual arts), sports, service, community, technology and language. Other special interest activities are also available.

This diverse aspect of the ECAs Programme allows students to find activities they are interested in and can excel at, and we encourage them to make the most of the opportunities available.


What ECAs Are Offered?

Students may select from a range of activities based on the time of year, and their ages, schedules and interests. NIST structures the ECA programme in three sessions:

Session 1: August to November
Session 2: November to Febuary
Session 3: February to May

This approach enables students to experiment with different activities, and discover new abilities and interests. Prior to each session, a catalogue is released with a full list of available activities.