Heida Porrata-Doria Morales

“I have been lucky to see NIST grow into one of the best schools in Asia.”


I remember being in Zambia seven years ago when I received an invitation for a Skype interview from NIST, and thinking how amazing it would be to live in a magical place like Thailand. After beginning as a year 4 homeroom teacher, I realized quickly that a bit part of that magic would be this school. At NIST I have grown professionally more than anywhere else. Even though I have been teaching for 20 years, it was here that I learned to have a true purpose for my lessons, mostly due to our extremely efficient, collaborative teams that believe in the IB Primary Years Programme.

While at NIST I have been a part of over 20 teaching initiatives and professional development opportunities. I’ve traveled to other countries in Asia, and educators from other schools come to collaborate and share their knowledge. I feel like a part of a much larger learning community, and I have been lucky to see NIST grow into one of the best schools in Asia. The quality of educators, unique growth mindset of our students, exceptional administration and facilities of our school make NIST one of a kind.

I often wonder where else I could live with all I have here: a great school with amazing colleagues, a country with some of the best people in the world, advanced medical care and more, but I can’t find many places like it. I even met my husband here! I highly encourage anyone looking to join a great community of learners with a balanced lifestyle to come to NIST.