Kengo Shigeta

“I believe that NIST has taken the first step toward what the world is becoming—a global community.”


As a third-culture kid, I feel like I’m a part of a community at NIST.

One of my favorite things about NIST is that we are not grouped by culture or location; instead, the values, interests and mindset that international students share define us. When I first moved to NIST, I found the transition into the community very easy due to the school’s welcoming atmosphere. The fact that I don’t identify as a single nationality allowed me to fit really well into NIST, as it is much more diverse and international than other schools. NIST has worked actively with other international schools from all around the world, and I believe that NIST has taken the first step toward what the world is becoming—a global community.

The school offers a broad spectrum of activities to participate in, and this has helped me express my variety of interests. In addition to being one of the student heads of Model United Nations and the Japanese Cultural Group, I have been involved in the TEDx club, baseball, basketball, jazz band, student council and choir— a crazy number of activities when compared to the limited choices available to me back in the United States. All of these activities have helped me develop skills, create new relationships and grow greatly as an individual.

But most importantly, NIST has provided me the opportunities to travel across borders and meet people from around the world, and has given me experiences I will never forget. From performing in an international choir at Lincoln Center in New York City to participating in a prestigious Model United Nations conference in Jakarta, NIST has given me countless opportunities that I could never have imagined in this lifetime or the next.

In my six years at NIST, I’ve gained an unimaginable number of skills. Through the curriculum, I’ve learnt to be intelligent and to never be afraid to question anything. Through the school environment, I’ve learnt to be open minded and to always consider others’ perspectives. The tools that the program has provided for me have equipped me to face the real world. And finally, the school has introduced me to a global community that I can proudly call home. The experiences and opportunities NIST provides have equipped me to face the real world. The lessons learnt, both in and out of class, are something special that will stay with me for the rest of my life.