Stratford Blyth

“NIST is the type of school that inspires me to be a better teacher…”


NIST is a truly incredible place to work. Even though I only joined in August 2016, I already feel very much a part of the NIST community. The school is very well resourced, and when walking around the campus it’s easy to get a sense of how much genuine love, care and attention goes into making the school as pleasurable as possible for students to learn, and for teachers to make that possible. Students are receptive to taking risks in their learning and are wonderfully friendly.

NIST is the type of school that inspires me to be a better teacher, and the opportunities to achieve that goal are numerous and fully supported by the leadership, who are both encouraging and approachable. I know I’m not alone when I say I’m a part of a great department where decisions are made after open discussions and the focus is on making our lives easier, so we can dedicate as much of our energies on teaching and learning as we can.

Bangkok is of course a great city to live in: a city of contradictions and a surprising amount of greenery… and of course traffic! I feel very fortunate to be part of NIST and be a member of an incredibly caring and professional team.