What is the traffic like? Does the school provide transportation?

Traffic can be quite heavy in Bangkok, especially during rush hour, when a 15-minute drive on major roads can quickly change to an hour-long journey. To help families avoid the traffic, the Montri Transportation Corporation provides daily pick-up and drop-off services throughout the city. Additionally, students who travel on the BTS or MRT can take a courtesy shuttle from locations near the BTS to and from the school.

For more information about transportation and busing services, please visit our transportation page or contact the Admissions Office.

Where do most families live?

One of the great advantages of NIST is its central location in downtown Bangkok. We’re within easy reach of shopping centers, hospitals, dining, green spaces and entertainment the city has to offer. As a result, most NIST families choose to live near the school, and near public transportation. This also helps to substantially reduce the commute time to school.

We are unable to provide specific recommendations for condos, apartments or homes, but many real estate sites can be found through a Google search.