How do we get school identification cards?

We will use the photographs that you submitted during the online application process to create parent ID cards. In some cases we may ask for an additional photograph if the one that was submitted is not suitable. Please note that it is also important for us to have recent photos of each of your children so that our school database system is up to date. This is very important for security reasons.

The school provides one ID card per parent. If you would like to purchase additional cards for other family members or domestic staff/house help, you can do this by providing a photo at the reception desk at the school entrance. Additional cards are made for THB 300 each.

How do I purchase meals for my child?

NIST Catering provides multiple services at the school, operating the cafeteria and kiosks around campus.

Elementary Students

A semester meal plan can be purchased for elementary students, which includes both a morning snack and lunch. Students also have the option of bringing lunch from home. However, please note that equipment for heating lunches is not available at school. The annual costs for the meal plan for early years and elementary students can be found in the tuition fee structure. Payments can be made using cash, credit card (plus 1.5% surcharge) or cheque.

Elementary parents must order their child’s lunch using their Veracross user names and passwords. Meals may be ordered up to one month in advance. Full details of this process, as well as video and print guides, are available under Catering Services (under Requests & Services) in the NIST Parent Portal in Veracross. This will be accessible when you receive your login information.

Secondary Students

Secondary students do not buy a meal plan but instead register their finger prints (or purchase cards if you do not wish to use biometrics) and receive account payments using our kiosk payment machine. Students typically use an average of THB 100-120 per day for snacks and lunch.

How do I arrange transportation for my child?

For those families who choose to not use personal or public transportation, Montri Transportation Corporation offers private busing for the NIST community. This service includes multiple timings to accommodate students in extra-curricular activities and also provides monitors who will accompany students in early years and Year 1 to and from their classes. Parents who wish to sign up for the busing service should complete the bus service request form and send it to