Does my child receive an iPad or MacBook?

Secondary school students are issued a MacBook Air during their first week of class. This laptop is to be used at school and taken home to complete assignments. All parents will receive additional information about insurance coverage early in the school year, and you may complete an opt-out form if you do not wish to have the insurance.

Elementary students will use school laptops and iPads only while in school and when it applies to their learning. School laptops and iPads cannot be taken home. Elementary students in Year 5 and Year 6 are required to read and sign the Acceptable Use Policy for Elementary and return the form to their homeroom teacher.

How do I purchase uniforms for my child?

The NIST Shop provides all school uniforms, as well as other NIST-related items. Depending on the number of sets of uniforms you wish to buy (1 or 3 complete uniform sets), please plan an allowance of approximately THB 5,000 per child. Payment can be made in cash or credit card (1.5% surcharge) only.

It is highly recommended that uniforms are bought before the first day of school. Should you be wish to purchase uniforms ahead of time, please contact our admissions staff at to make an appointment.

Which school supplies does my child need?

We provide basic stationery, including pens, pencils, paper, etc. However, students might find a pencil case useful, and they are required to bring a bag to school. From Year 1 upward, bags that can fit A4-size materials are appropriate. We also recommend sending a water bottle with your child. Water bottles can be filled up at the many water fountains around campus.

Teachers will provide information about any other supplies for each of their individual classes.

All secondary students have access to the use of a locker and must purchase a combination lock at the NIST Shop or bring their own. Elementary students do not use lockers.