How is the 14-day quarantine enforced?

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This touches on the significant challenge of one government agency mandating a quarantine in a manner that does not necessarily align to the responses of other government agencies. To date, the Ministry of Public Health has not called for a quarantine of Thai citizens or non-Thai residents, regardless of travel history, nor has a ban been instituted for visitors from any country. They instead have implemented more comprehensive screening measures for those arriving from regions considered at risk.

These inconsistencies pose a challenge for schools in two key respects:

  1. Schools are institutions dedicated to educating children, and are not equipped to act as enforcers of government policy.
  2. The lack of a city-wide or country-wide quarantine or travel ban means that a risk of exposure exists for all community members, particularly when in public or on public transport. This will continue to be the case given the increasing number of cases occurring in Bangkok.