What can I do with the Campus Online system if my child is in secondary?

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If your child is in secondary, you can top up the account and also restrict the amount that can be spent per day.


Topping up the Account

Using this feature minimizes the amount of cash your child brings into school. To view how the money is spent in the cafeteria, click on [Reports] and then [Card Activity Report]. You will be prompted to enter the dates of the report that you require. More features may be added over time that will support cashless transactions for all students regardless of the grade.


Restricting Daily Spending

To restrict daily spending, click on [E-Account] and then [Set Spend Limit]. Select [Cafeteria] at the [Location] tab. You can then make the changes accordingly. At this point, it would be good to speak to your child about the limit you have set. This allows him/her to better manage spending in the canteens and cafe, as well as avoid any embarrassment resulting from the limit. Please select [Cafeteria] from the Location selection box when applying for spending limits. Balances can be checked at any time via the cafeteria kiosk.