How can I connect with others in the NIST community?

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We strongly believe that schools should be hubs for the community, places where you can connect and learn from others. Dozens of events are hosted each semester to allow you to meet administrators, teachers and other parents.

  • NIST Parent-Teacher Association (NIPTA): More than any other group, NIPTA provides a way for you as a parent to be involved in the NIST community and meet others who share your interests. In addition to hosting regular small events such as coffee mornings and luncheons, NIPTA also organizes major annual events such as Pinktober and Starry Nights, both of which generate funds that are directed toward charitable causes.
  • Cultural Groups: For parents who wish to connect with others who share their languages or backgrounds, cultural groups are an excellent way to network and become involved in many events both inside and outside the school.
  • Community Learning Hub seminars: These information and discussion sessions are organized throughout the year for both elementary and secondary parents. Topics range from positive parenting techniques to training sessions that provide guidance in accessing school information. Each Monday an e-newsletter is sent highlighting upcoming events, and most presentations are archived in the NIST Parent Portal in Veracross.