Where do I find information about the school and my child?

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NIST uses several online systems to provide information for both parents and students. The main website provides an overview of the school and programmes. However, the most valuable resource for keeping up to date with our community, as well as information specific to your family, is the NIST Parent Portal in Veracross, a one-stop system for all school information. Every new parent will receive a welcome email with your Veracross login information, which will also be used for the NIST Catering Campus Online. Along the top of the portal, you will see numerous menu items that we encourage you to browse, as they contain additional information and resources:

  • My Children provides information specific to your child(ren), allowing you to check on attendance, grades and report cards.
  • Calendars shows you a household calendar tailored to your family, as well as others for sports and the school as a whole. The one-page calendar is a document that can be printed out as an easy reference for all school holidays.
  • Requests & Services lists links for ECA and NIST Music Academy signups, details about our Chelsea FC International Development Centre partners and other key services, including NIST Catering (where you can place meal orders).
  • Resources provides information about specific programmes and facilities within the school, as well as links to the handbooks.
  • Directories lists all staff members based on their departments and roles. You can also find information about key contacts, school leaders and school governors.
  • News breaks down the news feed on the landing page based on school sections.
  • Community provides details about the NIST Parent-Teacher Association, cultural groups, giving and getting involved with the school.
  • Systems allows you to change your password, read guides and, for high school parents, access our college counselling system.

Additionally, two key emails are sent each week: the Community Learning Hub Newsletter on the first day of the week and NIST News on the last day of the week. These respectively focus on seminars and events for parents, and general news and updates.