How do I monitor and top up funds in my child’s account?

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We have set the default minimum account to 500 Thai baht for each family account. The system will automatically send the head of household (as defined by Veracross system) a reminder email to your designated email address once the amount reaches below 500 Thai baht. You can then top up your account at your convenience. To change the minimum amount, you can click on [Profile Management] to make the change in the minimum limit accordingly.

Accounts can have funds added to them in one of three ways:

  1. ONLINE: You can use any credit card, SCB account or PayPal to top up your account from within the NIST Catering system. Choose the [E-Account] option then use the [Smartcard Top-Up] option. Please note that if you use the SCB top-up system there is a charge of 3.21%, or if using PayPal 4.4% + 10 Thai baht per transaction.
  2. CASH: Alternatively, you can top up using cash at the kiosk station located inside the school cafeteria or on the 3rd floor of The Hub. Cash payments can also be made at the NIST cashier’s office during office hours.
  3. CHEQUE: You can also top up your account via cheque at the NIST cashier’s office. However, please note that NIST Catering needs 5 working days to clear your cheque before the amount is credited to your account. This process may delay your orders. Also, if your cheque does not clear, you may incur additional costs.